What Readers Are Saying About Grace On Tap:

"Grace On Tap smacked me with amazing truth!! Now I get to live the abundant life!!"

"AMAZING!! I feel like my eyes were just opened for the first time after reading this book. I, like many others, have many regrets, hurts, and sins that I have held on to. This book has brought me healing in ways I never thought possible. Pastor Eric, you are a blessing to our church. I thank you for sharing your message with us. For showing us and teaching us what grace is really about."

"This book does for Christians what Josh McDowell's More Than A Carpenter does for atheists and agnostics. It's incredible."
- Chase

"I thought that I had a pretty clear understanding of grace, always believing that I knew how to be a graceful person. Then I read this book. My former understanding of grace and what it actually is are completely different. Being cognizant of grace and living it out changed my thinking and my belief in what Jesus actually did on the cross."

"I'm halfway through...and I've mailed 8 copies to friends already! This book is changing how I read the Bible and shedding new light on the significance of what Jesus did."

"The more I tried to understand grace and accept it, the more questions I had. Thankfully, I read this book. Now I understand how it works and get excited about what it means for all of us. This book will be given as a gift to everyone I know!!!

"Grace On Tap is the most liberating explanation of grace I have ever read. I was born and raised Catholic, lived my early adulthood as an agnostic, and was later saved by grace. Pastor Eric helped me understand the true meaning of grace and salvation. This book and its message not only changed my life, but saved it, too."


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